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Some Fashion Tips for the New Season

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2012 promises a lot in the world of men’s fashion with some classy styles coming to the fore, and with the emphasis on retro looks and cutting edge design there is every reason to be hopeful.

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Have a look at our list of top tips for the season – but remember, there are no hard and fast rules to fashion, you have to make your own!

• Trainers are out, casual shoes are in! It’s something we support fully – the training shoe is for sportswear only, and does not have a place anywhere else! Put away those over-priced Nike’s and invest in a trendy pair of deck

• ‘Designer Stubble’ may be very 1980’s, but it’s in if you have the face to wear it! Are you man enough to give it a go?

• Shirts with contrasting collars and cuffs should be treated with caution: some work, others don’t, and never with a suit!

• Shorts are for the very young and the very fit. That’s all we need to say!

• For the older man – worry not about grey hair, it’s there and it’s pretty cool right now. Colouring your hair is far too obvious.

• Blazers are in for this summer – remember, you heard it here first!

We’ll leave it there for the moment but rest assured there is plenty of choice in men’s fashion in the coming season. Could this be the year you push the boat out and lead the fashion stakes in your town?

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