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Looking ahead to 2013 – What’s in for Men?

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Hands up if you’re one of the many young lads who think the girls have the better choice when it comes to clothes? You’re not alone, and all too often fashion trends are aimed at the ladies.

What is often forgotten is that boys want to look good, too, and it’s with this in mind we look forward to what might be hot in 2013.

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The first thing to remember is that what you look best in is what you feel best in; the classic jeans and t-shirt combo remains a worthy favourite – it’s easy to wear, looks good and if you choose the right shirt makes for an interesting style statement.

We love the trend for bold, brash photograph-adorned t-shirts that are coming to the fore; look for this to be an enduring style in the next year, particularly for the spring and summer seasons.

Outerwear is a difficult choice sometimes, and if you are attached to your parka you need not worry as it will endure throughout the year.

The retro look is very much in for 2013, as exemplified by fashion houses taking their influences from the fashion icons of the 1950’s.

For smart casual wear it looks like that old favourite, the single breasted suit jacket, is making a major splash: pair a lightly checked one with smart jeans and a plain t-shirt and you have the classic 21st century young man’s look.

It’s all about being who you are – so get out there and make your mark!

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